12/24V UVC germicidal lamp for vehicles

UVC germicidal lamp

Keep your ride microbe-free with this compact and lightweight UVC germicidal lamp. Designed for use in vehicles like ambulances, taxis and other scenarios where a car or van needs to be quickly and safely decontaminated after conveying a potentially infectious passenger or other cargo. This UVC light can be set on a timer for utilizing while the vehicle is vacated for human safety. Great for ride-share drivers too.

12/24V UVC Germicidal Lamp Specifications

Dimensions Housing: L445*W100*H38mm; Tube length: 317 ~320mm
Lamp power 28W (12V) / 23W (24V)
UV illuminance 12V: Low power = 54μW/cm2, High power = 138μW/cm2
Lamp life 3,000 hours
Colors White or yellow.