UVC handrail sterilizer for escalators and travelators

Automatic UVC handrail sterilizer

As public spaces such as shopping centers and office buildings are faced with the challenge of regularly sanitizing key touchpoints in an effort minimize viral spread, this simple, safe and self-starting innovation offers an unbeatable way to ensure the cleanliness of escalator handrails. Powered by a dynamo that is set in constant motion by the escalator handrail, the unit houses a UVC germicidal lamp which constantly disinfects the handrail of pathogens while being safely hidden from the public view.

Automatic UVC Handrail Sterilizer Specifications

Dimensions Customized to fit specific escalator / travelator model
Power Dynamo generates 28W at 5km / hr (9 UVC Watts)
Housing Stainless steel & UV-resistant PVC
Germicidal efficiency 99.9999% @ 25J / m2, 99% @ 7J / m2