flexible sneeze-guard curtain barrier for cafes, gyms and other venues

Covid-safe curtains

A simple yet effective way for cafes, bars, restaurants, worklplaces and more to enhance their COVID-safe credentials as economies reopen, our flexible, transparent sneeze guard curtains are designed to suspend from outdoor umbrellas, food stalls, over dining booths and other locations with easy-to-use high strength clips. COVID-safe Curtains by Domedix facilitate the safe and profitable resumption of trade for hospitality venues like cafes by providing a quick, easy assemble/disassemble solution to eliminate the chances of droplets being transmitted between different parties within an establishment. Utilizing lightweight, flexible, transparent and strong PVC material, they can be tailored to fit any umbrella perimeter or other anchor point, creating a quick and easy flexible sneeze guard to stop aerosolized virus from spreading throughout a venure. This cost-effective COVID-safe sneeze guard deployment helps businesses comply with government guidelines and industry best practice, as well creating trust among patrons that your business values their wellbeing and comfort.

COVID-safe Curtains Specifications

Material 0.4mm thick, 1.8m width transparent PVC sheeting. Ships in 50m rolls and can be cut to fit perimeter of umbrella as required
Attachment The sheeting attaches to the umbrella with multiple small high-strength clips
Weight Cable attaches to bottom of curtain with clips for weight