extra oral smoke machine for dentists

Extra-oral smoke suction machine

This mobile extra-oral smoke suction machine is designed to provide rapid filtration of droplets, aerosolized bacteria and other microbes during patient treatment in dental surgeries and clinics. Powerful suction is achieved by means of negative pressure generated by the brushless DC motor. Comprehensive 3-phase filtration achieves the highest possible levels of hygiene:

  1. A washable cotton pre-filter and secondary water vapor absorbing filter capture spray, thin blood, food scraps and other larger particles;
  2. Customized H13 HEPA and active carbon filter layer removes 99.97% of odors and aerosols;
  3. The UVC photo oxygen catalytic sterilization module scrubs the air, creating a closed loop.

Extra-oral Smoke Suction Machine Specifications

Dimensions & weight Main unit: L300*W300*H450mm; Tube length: 1.4m; Total weightL 19kg
Power 300W
Air volume 300m3 / hr
Noise < 55db
HEPA filter + UVC lamp HEPA efficiency: 99.97% @ 0.3μm; UVC lamp irradiating the filter