NPiR12 negative pressure medical isolation room

NPiR-12 negative pressure medical isolation room

Our flagship NPiR-12 isolation tent utilizes lightweight double-wall fabric panels that become rigid and durable when inflated. Providing 80m3 of additional mobile field hospital hospital-bed space per unit, with room for 6 ICU beds (up to 18 with bunk beds) plus dual integrated shower/toilet unit at the entrance. Medical-grade air filtration with UVC light sterilization helps contain person-to-person transmissions of respiratory viruses like COVID-19, SARS and influenza. A rapid and cost-effective negative pressure medical isolation tent that accommodates surging ICU demand and eases the strain on strectched hospitals.

NPiR-12 Specifications

Dimensions 12m x 4m x 3m
Beds Fits 6 x ICU beds or 3 x 6-person bunk structure (up to 18 ppl)
Amenities 2 x integrated shower + toilet units with 20L removeable waste reservoirs
Ventilation Unit dimensions: 1175*575*300mm (W*D*H), 120W low-noise fan capable of up to 1,000 m3 per hour
Sun protection Optional PVDF silver-coated insulation cover
HEPA filtration Physical dimensions: 1170*570*70mm; 99.99% @ 0.3 microns; 2 x UVC irradiating the filter
Monitoring & control 3-speed control, CCTV w/ motion-detector (streaming & alerts via mobile), pressure sensors + alerts
Lighting LED strip lighting