NPiR3 negative pressure medical isolation room

NPiR-3 negative pressure medical isolation tent

The NPiR-3 negative-pressure medical isolation tent provides a contained, HEPA /UVC light filtered structure that caters for a single ICU bed. Given its compact and lightweight construction, it can easily be erected inside hospitals, allowing for the effective confinement of COVID-19 infected patients and minimizing the risk of airborne coronavirus particles spreading to other patients and hospital staff.

NPiR-12 Specifications

Dimensions 3m x 3m x2.5m
Beds Fits single ICU bed
Ventilation 300 m3 per hour blower exhaust for structure, negative pressure and up to 20 air changes per hour
HEPA filtration Medical-grade G4+ULPA15 filters, UVGI sterilization lamp (Philips), PureQi™ commercial automated purifier
Lighting Existing hospital lighting sufficient due to transparent structure
Cleaning All materials compatible with standard alcoholic + anionic / cationic disinfection agents
Packaging Wooden package, ready to ship by truck, air or even courier