negative pressurization retrofit HVAC upgrade for existing field hopsital tents and hospital rooms

Negative pressurization retrofit

In addition to the Domedix range of self-contained negative pressure isolation rooms, we offer our state-of-the-art ventilation and air-purification systems separately for the purposes of upgrading existing infrastructure to the standard of a negative pressure or hospital isolation room. Whether you are looking to convert an existing bricks and mortar hospital ward into a negative pressure isolation room, or you have a field hospital tent which requires negative pressurization and air purification, our plug-and-play fan filter units (FFUs) with integrated HEPA filters and UVC germicidal lamps can help.

NPR Specifications

HEPA filter + UVC lamp HEPA efficiency: 99.99% @ 0.3μm; UVC lamp irradiating the filter (both in built into fan filter unit)
Ventilation Option of 500 / 1,000 / 2,000 m3 / hr blower exhaust depending on project requirements
Air volume (m3/hr) 500 m3/hr 1,000 m3/hr 2,000 m3/hr
Unit dimensions (L*W*H) 575*575*340 mm 1175*575*300 mm3/hr 1175*1175*350 mm3/hr
Weight 16 kg 30 kg 55 kg
HEPA filter dimensions (L*W*H) 570*570*70mm 1170*570*70 mm 1170*1170*70 mm
Noise < 53db < 56db < 59db
Power 70 Watts 125 Watts 195 Watts
Negative pressurization Achieves >12 air changes (ACH) in 30m2 sized tent
Monitoring Integrated differential pressure gauge to alert for dangerously low pressure
Weather proofing Protected from the elements by waterproof housing; Connects to tent via existing tent flange
Ease-of-use Plug & play; Easy operator level maintenance